Computers, like all machines, require consistent maintenance in order to perform at optimal levels.

Oftentimes, small businesses neglect this maintenance because they don’t have the time or expertise to preform them in-house and are unable to pay the cost of outsourcing. Over time, neglecting this maintenance causes machines to slow down, crash more often, and, in general, lead to frustration and lost productivity.

Additionally, failure to preform consistent maintenance almost always leads to more critical issues which not only cost more to repair but result in more down time for both the computer and the employer. We understand that all small businesses operate on a limited IT budget, so Cheer Up PC has designed the most cost-effective maintenance package in the industry.

Customers who sign a monthly maintenance contract with Cheer Up PC receive the following services for all machines on a monthly basis:

  • Installation of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office security patches and stability updates
  • Antivirus, Anti-spyware and Anti-adware program updates
  • Scanning for any viruses, adware or spyware and the subsequent removal if found
  • Removal of unnecessary programs
  • Prevention of unnecessary programs automatically starting when the computer boots up in order to optimize performance.

Customers also receive the following benefits on a yearly basis for every machine:

  • A complete hardware diagnostics scan on all machines to ensure that all hardware is working correctly.
  • Cleaned air vents, fans, keyboard, screen and mouse.

In addition to the services Cheer Up PC performs for your computers, customers who sign a maintenance contract receive the following additional benefits:

  • Same day response time for non-critical issues
  • 1 hour response time for emergency issues (emergency rates still apply).
  • All new hardware needed to add to your existing network will be sold at cost.