Cheer Up PC offers a wide variety of home based services. After spending over 10 years in the computer repair industry, Cheer Up PC can handle nearly all of your problems at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Not only are our prices some of the best in the industry (our labor rates are only $75/hr), but our turn-around time is almost always under 48 hours, making Cheer Up PC one of the most cost-effective, time efficient businesses you can take your computer to.

And with free pick-up and delivery, it couldn’t be more hassle free. Need your computer back sooner? We offer emergency rates for $105/hr and we can guarantee 24 hour turn-around.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Virus/Spyware Removal. Nothing causes more stress then a virus. In nearly all cases, Cheer Up PC can remove viruses in 1 hour or less. No more worrying about getting a bill for hundreds of dollars just to get your computer back and working again.
  • Computer Tune-ups. As computers age, they begin to slow down. They take longer to boot up, files and programs open more slowly, and even the Internet begins to crawl on the fastest machine. Cheer Up PC can perform a complete system overhaul using our sophisticated tools and software. Feel like you have a new computer again. In nearly all cases, this can be done for only $75.
  • File/Printer Sharing. Whether you want to print from multiple computers or share files like music and pictures, Cheer Up PC can network up to 4 computers for only $75 (additional hardware may be required).
  • Wireless Network Setup. In today’s world of laptops, smart phones, and iPads, more and more people are relying on wireless networks to connect to the Internet. Cheer Up PC can setup a wireless network and connect up to 4 devices for only $50 ($10 per additional device, and additional hardware costs may apply).
  • Data Transfer.Got a new machine, or just want to get all those pictures transferred to an external drive? We can transfer up to 40GB of data for only $50, and offer unlimited data transfer for just $100.
  • Data Backup. Today’s computers contain more information than ever. More documents, more pictures and more music. Nothing is more devastating than seeing it all destroyed in an instant. Cheer Up PC proudly offers Carbonite online backup. Carbonite offers unlimited data backup for only $54.95 a year, and Cheer Up PC will install the software for free!
  • Data Recovery. When your computer crashes, the first thing you probably think of is all of the files that you can no longer access on your machine: documents, pictures, videos, e-mails, and more. We can assist you in recovering your data and even transfer it to an external drive or another machine. Data recovery costs just $100 for an unlimited amount of data.

Cheer Up PC is proud to offer a 10% discount for military, police, and firefighters (active or retired!)